2014 Golf

Below are the tournaments that are worthy of being listed….and maybe some other stuff.


Lanesboro Men’s Tournament –  June 21-22    (and Jake’s 40th birthday week!)

Group 1 – Hilker, JC, Jeremy, Ted  Group 2 – Dzubay, Eric, Justin, Schneids

Here is my crazy, over-the-top cheat sheet for the 2014 Calcutta using 2013 results:   2014 research

Bets for our group posted here:  2014 betting sheet


2014 Boro calcutta

2014 red shirts2

You can see Jeremy’s ball….she’s going right I’m pretty sure.









Quotes & Stories from the 2014 trip 

Schneids being DQ’d 15 times on Saturday by Tone and Justin.

Jake’s drink count:  Thur 23,  Fri  19,  Sat  25  Sun  12


5th Annual TAC Results

2014 TAC Board

2014 TAC Graph

2014 TAC Stats

2014 TAC Payout

Northern Gross Soldiers Gross Eastwood Gross



Grand Rapids Grand Slam – Aug 15-17

(trip will be Aug 13-18)

GR 3-putt fund status: 2014 GR putting  (updated 8/11)


Tony-Jim    Justin-Ted    Kevin-Tupper

Jeremy-Hilker    Dave-Grant    Jake-Isaac

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